At the site of an old store, located in a closed and privileged cottage community near the city center, a very enterprising lady decided to build a restaurant where families would come in search for an ideal cuisine and perfect atmosphere. She also wanted to provide the residents of the community with access to fresh pastries and delicious coffee early in the morning. She wanted the restaurant to become a place of attraction for cozy gatherings and warm conversations. As we took on the task of not only developing the concept and signature style but also overseeing the integration of all elements, our goal was to craft an exquisitely designed space that exudes harmony in every detail. The foundation of our idea was the word "SVET" (Light in Russian). After all, light is our point of attraction – everything on planet Earth gravitates towards light and warmth. Lighting, illumination, the play of light and shadows. All become the main part of the interior, the signature style of the cafe. The theme of light continues in all creative texts – in various formats, we unfold the meaning and multifaceted nature of the word "light".
Svet & Khleb is not just a name. It is a whole concept. It is an approach to hospitality. We position ourselves as a bright and warm place with delicious Georgian cuisine and homemade baked goods. At the same time, we are not a stuffy and dull restaurant, but a cozy space with a lot of light and air.
Restaurant name and tagline:
SVET & KHLEB / Restaurant /
The Warmth of the Georgian Cuisine

Bakery name and tagline:
LUCH & PECH (Sunbeam and Stove) / Bakery /

The Warmth of the Homemade Baked Goods
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